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      <br> Among the 12 factors that increase a person’s risk of dementia outlined in the 2020 report from the Lancet Commission on dementia prevention, most are within one’s control. They used an ensemble method by evaluating the performance of four machine learning methods (i.e. K-Nearest Neighbours (KNN), logistic regression model, SVM and random forest) to classify subjects into dementia and healthy control groups and achieved a sensitivity/specificity of 0.86/0.83. Shigemori et al. In the following we briefly review these methods. 2 shows that the best of 5 runs of UA Ensemble is competitive, and that of the UA Ensemble (weighted) outperforms other methods. Identify the best combination of parameters. Their network is also able to reconstruct input meshes from compressed 8-dimensional representations with a 50% reduction in reconstruction error, while using 75% fewer parameters than volumetric models that operate on voxels. Our training loss for classification and regression tasks are binary cross-entropy error and mean squared error, respectively.<br>
      <br> Audio features achieved the highest classification results. This is achieved by listening to their stories, family life, history and dreams. In fact, research has found that interviewing family members about the presence or absence of eight particular behaviors can be just as effective, when it comes to detecting possible Alzheimer’s, as certain office-based cognitive tests. Family members of a person diagnosed with dementia can also make the house safer by disconnecting the stove, for instance, so that food cannot be left to boil over or burn, suggests Dr. DeCarli. During the covid-19 pandemic many people have delayed consulting their doctors about non-urgent conditions, and as lockdowns ease, they may begin to ask for professional guidance (moreover, evidence suggests that covid itself heightens the risk of dementia). Some conditions may mimic dementia, but are actually reversible conditions. Although Alzheimer’s Disease represents 60-80% of dementia diagnoses, there are several other forms of dementia, including Vascular, Lewy Body, and forms that occur in association with conditions such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease. The Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative illness that represents the most common cause of dementia in the world. Drinking alcohol piles on the calories that can cause obesity and risk of diabetes.<br>
      <br> The accuracy of the procedure rises to 94% if two other risk factors are considered: age and the presence of a form of the APOE gene, known as APOE4, which heightens the risk of developing Alzheimer’s (and also appears to increase vulnerability to heart disease and covid). Identifying Alzheimer’s normally requires a brain scan, and perhaps a lumbar puncture (the insertion of a needle into the lower spine), to extract cerebrospinal fluid, so as to measure its levels of two proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s, known as beta-amyloid and tau. Fact: Adopting healthy habits can lower your risk of developing dementia, or at least delay the onset. He adds that certain genes can also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. “Music that the person likes can be very calming,” he says. “The most hopeful sign I see are the patients themselves,” says Dr. Caselli. Mixed dementia is diagnosed when patients have evidence of Alzheimer dementia and cerebrovascular disease, either clinically or based on neuroimaging evidence of ischemic lesions. We run a usability case study with patients diagnosed of mild cognitive impairment that shows they found the system very entertaining and challenging.<br>
      <br> The backend system must be able to cope with the high throughput data. And of course it must be free of any type of dementia or mental illness. Each illness can affect a different part of the brain at first. This chart tells you about the four main illnesses that can affect a person’s brain and cause dementia. Worldwide 50 million people are estimated to be living with dementia and Alzheimer Certification Courses’s disease is the most prevalent underlying cause (Alzheimer’s Association, 2020). For Alzheimer’s disease, the pre-clinical phase is found to take about 20 years before the onset of clinical symptoms (Gordon et al., 2018). Diagnosis of dementia is highly challenging and usually takes a substantial period of time after the first clinical symptoms arise (Van Vliet et al., 2013). After diagnosis, novel challenges are related to prediction and monitoring of the disease, both in the natural disease course and under treatment with potential disease-modifying drugs in clinical trials.<br>

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